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Kutski pres.The Hardest Records In The World - The Album III
Kutski pres.The Hardest Records In The World - The Album III
The UK’s leader of harder styles Kutski brings you the third volume in his ‘Hardest Record In The World’ series, a firm favourite feature with his fans and the over 100,000 listeners of his Keeping The Rave Alive podcast who suggest their favourite hardest records for broadcast each week.

This time to complete the trilogy Kutski heads down into even harder and darker territory delivering the most brutal and up tempo beats around from the uplifting sounds of Italian hardcore to the brutal dutch sounds into up tempo heart pounding beats closing in well over 200 BPM!

With a hand picked selection of the hardest beats ranging from fresh, upfront and cutting edge releases to the biggest anthems, featuring tracks and remixes by Miss K8, Mad Dog, AniMe, Evil Activities, Korsakoff, Destructive Tendencies, Paul Elstak, Advanced Dealer, The Sickest Squad, The Melodyst, Furyan, Nosferatu and many more!

Buckle up, lock and load and prepare yourself for The Hardest Records In The World!
Price: £10.00
Sale Price: £2.00
Savings: £8.00

Kutski completes the trilogy and heads down into even harder and darker territory!

Release date: Monday 12th December 2016
01. Re-Style - Aggression
02. Alien T - I Hate Children
03. Dr Phunk & Korsakoff - Secret Alliance
04. Thorax - Policy of Evil
05. Amnesys ft. MC Axys - Shockwave
06. Alien T & Broken Minds - Rise Some Hard
07. Destructive Tendencies & Paul Elstak - Like A Drum
08. Advanced Dealer & Kutski - Killscreen
09. AniMe - Fear The Dogfight
10. Evil Activities & DJ Mad Dog - 911
11. Advanced Dealer - Back To The Rave
12. Decipher & Shinra - Fire and Blood
13. Synthax - Party & Bullshit
14. Miss K8 & Angerfist (Destructive Tendencies Remix)
15. Icha - Hot!
16. Reevoid - Bird Walk
17. The Anunnaki ft. MC Braincase - #Killah
18. Bit Reactors - Get Fuck3d
19. Tommyknocker & Art of Fighters - Your Betrayel
20. Furyan & Nosferatu - Killswitch
21. Luxxer - Knockin on your Door
22. The Beatkrusher - Let's Go!
23. The Melodyst - Not So Bad
24. The Sickest Squad - Zombie